25 juin 2019






Extraordinary letter of an extraordinary man.


Daniel Robin

Daniel Robin, French ufologue and author, made discover a remarkable character. Unfortunately, more or less at the same moment, commodore Gilles Pinon died on Thursday, June 11th, 2009, of a heart attack.

Robin recalls that this Sir had written an open letter to the french Republic's President on April 16th, 2008 to obtain a levying of the secret on the UFO phenomenon and, at the same time, make sensitive the political class on this matter. He thought that it is up to the political power, the agent of the financial and technical means, to initiate a real serious scientific research on UFOs.

Commodore Pinon was awarded a diploma by the Naval School as well as by the Graduate School of the Advanced Techniques, and author of the work  ''FATIMA, UN OVNI PAS COMME LES AUTRES?''

In very technical terms, the author expresses his fear that we are involved in a " War in the Sky ". Here are some extracts.

« In the absence of any hostile intention, the intrusion of an extraterrestrial civilization could strike a blow at our environment included as all the natural, social and cultural conditions establishing the theater of the human activities.

[] before trying to give to them an interpretation, it is necessary to us to recognize a quite simple obvious fact: UFOs are real. 

[] an inflexible and significant part seems to testify of unknown laws of nature and to participate in an intelligent principle.

[] their statistical study (that of the Official Commissions of Inquiry) highlights the complexity and the incongruity of the phenomenon which recovers dozens types of events,

[] it also reveals an internal coherence and general, relatively stable characteristics and rarely denied, physical realities and intelligent, not hostile, discreet, furtive and blurred behavior.

Gilles Pinon[] The performance the most spread among ufologues supports that the UFO phenomenon is governed by one (or several) not ground intelligence. In this hypothesis, it is necessary to accept the idea that it hides a potentially hostile intention, a program supported by a strategy.

[] it is necessary to admit that we possibly have to deal with an extraterrestrial intrusion, that is with an unwanted presence of intelligent beings. 

[] Since we consider as plausible an extraterrestrial intrusion, it is advisable to wonder about its origin, its mobile and its dangerousness: are we in the presence of a single civilization or of several civilizations operating for concert or for independent manners? Is it simply remote surveillance, a one-time response, or an attempt to influence or take control?

[...] Even if it showed no hostile intent, an alien intrusion would present a danger of chaos [...].

It would upset the balance of the world.

Yves Sillard

[...] Can we conceive of a cultural shock more violent, more destabilizing, than the impromptu contact with extraterrestrial beings who have put the Earth under observation? ...if the intrusion is not scientifically proven, there are strong presumptions in its favour, as written in its own name in a recent book Mr.Yves Sillard, Chairman of the GEIPAN Steering Committee, former director general of the CNES and former delegate general for armaments, that an alien intrusion necessarily proceeds from a policy re an ethics and implies a program served by a strategy, whereas a strategy of foreign intelligence with uncertain motives could harm our environment, which is understood as all the natural, social and cultural conditions constituting the theatre of human activities, it must therefore be the subject, in an appropriate manner, of a risk assessment study, including ethnocidal risk, by application of the precautionary principle in accordance with section 5 of the Environmental Charter, [...]

The letter calls on the President of the Republic to conduct a study bringing together « high levels of expertise in the disciplines directly concerned: political, military, scientific, sociological, philosophical and ufological ». The French government has not acted on it, nor has the 1999 Cometa report. He would have to lie shamelessly, just as the American government did to try to convince the United Nations to launch its offensive in Iraq under the false pretext – since proven – of weapons of mass destruction, not existing; just as another lie failed the rescue operation of American prisoners in Iran, under Carter; just as another sabotaged, the operation of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, under Kennedy; and the list of official lies is still far away.




We must be aware that other beings do exist and are far more advanced than we are.

USA have to thank the incredible technology aliens left since 1930's

As well, we must be aware that those beings have no intention to assault us.


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